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Cyber Defence Programme - a consulting engagement offering

The Threat

A full-spectrum threat transformation, from kinetic/ physical to electronic crime, is underway. It has a structure, process and advanced breaching tools operated by skilled threat actors.

Organised          |          Motivated          |          Financed          |          Skilled          |          Dedicated

The Response

End-to-end Cyber Defence - engineered to continuously identify & deploy Counter-Reconnaissance, Infiltration and Actions on Objectives controls across Network, Hosting (inc Cloud), Applications, End-User Devices & (Attack & Breach) Monitoring service towers.

Organised      |      Structured      |      Integrated      |      Adaptive      |      Calibrated      |      Cyclical      |      Extensible

The Programme

- Supports compliance with regulatory and legislative (e.g. GDPR) standards

- Supports baseline UK Cyber Essentials and CIS (Basic, Foundational & Organisational)

- Supports achievement of customer specified Cyber Security standards

- Enables a customer to achieve NIST Cyber Security Framework& other standards

- Leverages existing customer Information Assurance frameworks (e.g. ISO27K)

- Leverages in-house security expertise across infrastructure domains

- Delivers a set of integrated continuously evolving Cyber Defence capabilities

What’s involved?

The programme fundamentally involves establishing, configuring and orchestrating the following work packages into a single Cyber Defence Posture:

Baseline offering

- Cyber Threat Posture GAP analysis
- Cyber Threat & Risk Exposure Level (CTREL) Assessments & Management
- Cyber Early Warning (CEW) framework for SIEM/ Protective Monitoring

Extended offering

- Vulnerability Life Cycle Management (VLCM)
- Vendor Risk Management (VRM)
- Targeted Cyber Attack Simulation
- Red Teaming Exercises
- Cyber Incident Response (CIR) framework

Programme Primary Goals

Establish Enterprise/ end-to-end Cyber Security across Business, Data, Systems and Technology infrastructure in order to:
- Leverage in-house Security Capabilities
- Support compliance to GDPR, Cyber Essentials etc.
- Configure on-premise defences to known threats
- Calibrate Cloud (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) to threats

Establish an integrated Cyber Defence Posture continuously adapting to the evolving Cyber Threat Landscape covering:
- Access & Encryption
- Vulnerability, Threat & Risk Management (VTR)
- Protective Monitoring
- Cyber Incident Response (CIR)